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Stockholm Syndrome

Are you ready for the game series where you and your team will have a chance to become a private detective agency? Each episode is an independent investigation combined into a massive mystery! You will have to reveal the traitor, save an innocent soul from the false prosecution, spy on the Russian mafia, and finally save the whole city from a biochemical disaster! Do you think you can manage? Choose your first mission!

Game episodes

To See Stockholm and Die
Game description:
Episode 1: We have a car accident: the victim is a Russian scientist who recently came to Stockholm as a tourist. Did he happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or was it all planned? The driver is a regular student who has no criminal record. Something doesn’t seem right here. Can you find out what happened?
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Game length: 120 min.
Area: Norrmalm
Meeting point: Centralstation
Game price: 250 SEK per person
Phantom of the Opera
Game description:
Episode 2: Someone is buying opera tickets with the very same seat and never shows up for the actual performance. Is it a phantom? Or a weirdo with a lot of extra money? Or could it be the start of a grandiose investigation with an unexpected ending? And how is it connected with the Russian scientists? Your team will have to find out!
Difficulty: 7 / 10
Game length: 135 min.
Area: Östermalm
Meeting point: Berzelii Park
Game price: 250 SEK per person

How to play

  • Team Up

    Team Up

    Collect your team and make a booking. You have to be 2-5 people per team to play the game. The maximum amount of teams is unlimited.
  • Make a booking

    Make a booking

    In the booking confirmation, you will receive the game link which you will use to get additional clues, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery. Each episode has its own starting point.
  • Ready to go?

    Ready to go?

    We will meet you at the starting point to hand over evidence for your investigation. After that the captain can open the game link and share it with the rest of the team. In the app, you will find the rules of the game. Read them together with your team. The countdown will begin after the captain clicks on "Start game".
  • Investigate


    Use the evidence together with our game application to find new clues, explore the city, and get closer to solving the crime. You need to work as a team and think outside the box in order to be able to succeed.
  • Succeed


    Your goal is to answer as many questions as possible before the game time expires. After the game is over you will be given a summary of what has happened to compare with your answers. Have you succeeded?